About me

I am an artist and educator, former creative director in advertising, who uses contemporary art to open dialogues about social justice. As an artist, I am interested in understanding the connections between who we are, and how we relate ourselves in relation to cultural diversity in this globalized world. As an educator, I want to empower students to be global citizens while guiding them in their use of creative skills for future academic goals and real world professions. My goal is to create a sense of peace and respect among individuals using art and art education as a vehicle. In my practice, I include contemporary art, art history, design and technology. I also like to open meaningful discussions when I am teaching. I do that to help people appreciate the beauty that every cultural identity has, as well as, their global and local problems we all face. I was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where I worked in advertising as an art director for almost 8 years. After that, I moved to Madrid (Spain) and later to Berlin (Germany) where I did my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. More, as I believe that artists should be committed to make a better world in this globalized context, in which we all live, I moved to New York City (USA). There, and thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship, I became an art educator (MA Art Education, New York University - Initial Certification K-12). I taught as well as participated in exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Madrid and New York City. I currently work and live in Trondheim, Norway.